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Why you might need a tow truck.

ITV Testing

A vehicle which doesn´t have or has failed an ITV (MOT) test cannot be driven on the roads of Spain. We can transport your vehicle for testing or retesting.

Car Sales

If you are buying or selling your car we can transport it and deliver it to the new buyer hassle free, whether your car is roadworthy or not.


Although we are not an emergency service (contact your insurance company FIRST) we can recover your vehicle and deliver it to your home or a garage in the event of mechanical failure.

Vehicle Imports

Although we work in the Alicante province we can arrange to collect your imported vehicle at ports such as Valencia or Bilbao, by arrangement.

Our area of Coverage

Based in Torrevieja, our area covers a distance from that centre point
Samples of our coverage and prices of real journeys

In this section and below we give you some samples of our coverage area and prices to give you an idea of the costs involved in transporting your vehicle.

The actual price may differ depending on factors such as the time of day and overall distance, but these guide prices are relatively accurate and are based on real standard journeys carried out in our local area and the distance from our base.

For the longer distance journeys such as importing vehicles via Valencia, Madrid, Granada or Bilbao for example, please contact us with as much advance information as you can.

  • Torrevieja Nucleus

    Local journeys in the Torrevieja city and surrounding area

  • Torrevieja Outskirts

    The local area around Torrevieja

  • Local Area

    Slightly further afield

  • City Links

    From Torrevieja to nearby cities

Guide Prices

Here are a selection of prices based on Torrevieja as the starting point.
Uploaded image

Torrevieja Nucleus

Around the city centre of Torrevieja only.
Uploaded image

Torrevieja Outskirts

Around the immediate area of Torrevieja, including La Mata, Los Balcones, Los Montesinos etc.
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Local Area

Including San Pedro, Guardamar, Santa Pola etc
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City Links

Alicante, Murcia, Cartagena, etc


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